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  • In=Out Technology: Low capacitance for pure signal transparency
  • 24k gold-plated plugs provide superior signal flow and corrosion resistance
  • Integrated Mute Switch for silent instrument changes
  • Straight-to-straight 1/4-inch plugs for standard input jacks
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • The new mute is only engaged when it is held down and stops muting the signal once it is released.
  • The Planet Waves Circuit Breaker plug has fail-safe operation to save your equipment from loud pops and squeals when you change guitars with a live amp. When the button is held down, the cable shorts while remaining plugged into your guitar, making on-stage guitar changes a snap, and eliminating any chance of sound bursts. Once the cable is shorted, remove the cable from the guitar being used, plug the cable into the next instrument, and release the circuit breaker switch to reactivate the cable.
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